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Large parts of the unique rainforest in Amazonas, Brazil, is on fire. So sad! Already as a child, I could cry over rainforest deforestation. But why is that we need forests? They are the home of millions of organisms (plants, animals, microbes, fungi), they are beautiful and that should be enough reason! But with all the trees, they also make a huge contribution in removing CO2 from the athmosphere and transform it into O2 (oxygen) for us to breathe – and glucose (which can be used for various functions in the plants – for instance to form starch and give structure to the plant) for animals (and us) to eat. Only powered by sunlight. OK, they also need some nutrients from the soil. And ok ok, they also make respiration and re-use some of that O2, but in total, they are really beneficial for the ecosystems of the Earth. But how is it now that this PHOTOSYNTESIS works?

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