BLENDER 2.80 beta

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WOW! I have just downloaded the Blender 2.80 beta. And I really like it! A lot has changed since the version 2.79, now I have to get used to left-clicking on the mouse for selection, just as I was getting to really like the rigth-clicking. But there are so many new nice features and I can’t wait to play more with it. My next project is to model many different brains from the animal kingdom (from worms up to humans) and try to animate the evolution of the brain throughout millions of years. I am rigth now doing some research on brains and I am amazed by the many fantastic facts about the morphology and the function of brains, that I was not aware of. For instance the elephant (has a very large cerebellum to be able to control its trunk), the dolphin (has a very large cerebrum), the echidna (has a surprisingly large prefrontal cortex), the hammerhead shark (has a rather large brain with a very funny shape) and the clever birds like ravens and parrots (very compact in neurons) have really interesting brains. And I could go on…


Blender Conference 2018 in Amsterdam

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I have just attended the Blender 2018 conference in beautiful Amsterdam, which was very inspiring and motivating! But also; I learned that I still have a LOT to learn.

My most important take-home-messages are:

1) Computer Graphics (CG) based animation and illustration is – despite much technical complexity – still a very creative process, so it makes a lot of sense for me to still also spend time “offline” doing sketches and paintings. And the messages from the old Disney-animation teams in “The Illusion of Life” are still going strong. A computer can help, but it won’t draw for you!

2) I need to learn how to script in Python! I have already started this….but I need to spend more time on it.

3) Open Source rules! Don’t go pro! PRO means PRO-prietary, not PRO-fessional!

4) Like with drawing – spend more time observing! Good reference material is gold, especially real pictures. Other people’s illustrations and animations can be an inspiration, but don’t trust that the way that something in biology is typically depicted is how it really looks. A good example of this is the SYNAPSE, where the typical way of illustrations is not overlapping with the truth.

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Presentation video of myself put on LinkedIn in April 2018

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I made this video on LinkedIn in april 2018 to present myself and my mission about wanting to learn to make cool animations of science. The message was that I wanted projects to work on – without payment – to build my portfolio. I had a lot of positive interest and got a lot of projects to work on via this – and therefore, I cannot take on more non-payment projects now. Thanks to all of you that responded so positive to my video!


Welcome to Moving Science ApS

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Moving Science can help with visual communication of complicated science – in order to make it easier for your audience to understand!

With a background in science and a talent for art, I am well equipped to help you to move your science forward

Contact me on if you have project, you would like to see animated.