Customers & collaborators

Examples of customers and use:

  • Research sociteties with an aim to educate the public about scientific subjects, like this example from ASI.
  • Research groups applying for funding with a need to explain aims and goals clearly – see example from Aarhus University here.
  • Research sites (see examples from and Wikipedia here)
  • Researchers and lecturers from educational insitutes who need good animations for special presentations and lectures – see example from DTU
  • Small, biotech companies who need to convince investors by showing complicated, biological rationales in an easy-to-understand-way – see example from Monta Biosciences
  • Pharmaceutical, biotech or engineering companies who need animations for internal educational purposes or promotional purposes – see example from  Novozymes
  • Students with special needs for communication of their science. See example from Aalborg University here
  • NGOs with a need to promote their mission and explain the biology behind – see example from AI Scope