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Inge Lehmann

Inge Lehmann GIF by Ann-Louise Bergström

Inge Lehmann was a Danish seismologist and mathematician, who discovered that the Earth has a solid inner core. She did this through studies and calculations of the spreading of seismologic earthquake waves. She was an amazing woman, but despite her extraordinary talent and great findings, she is almost unknown in Denmark. First after she (in her mid-60ies)  had moved to perform research at Columbia University in US,  she was acknowledged accordingly by the international research community.

She was truly a pioneer – having to struggle in a male-dominated academic world, where women were yet not welcome. Although they could attend universities (at least in Denmark), they could not get academic positions. Inge needed to perform much of her research in her spare time and vacations (in contrast to her relative Niels Bohr, who lived in the same period).

She lived to be 104 years (!) and managed to see her theory about the Earth’s inner core be confirmed by computer calculations. I have made this GIF (of combined 2D and 3D-art) as a tribute to her.

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