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Global Warming

It’s getting warmer…

Since 1880, the average temperature on Earth has increased – how much, depends on how it is calculated. During the same period, the global sea level has increased with a rapid pace. Moving Science has made an animated visualization that shows the annual anomalies (thus, how much the average, annual temperature for land and ocean diverges from the 19th Century normal) year by year – combined with sea level data – from 1880 to 2020.

Go to data-visualizations to see the full animation.

Many thanks to Brian Dall Schyth, Karen Gunn and Naja Edvards-Krenchel for valuable feedback and good discussions!

Data sources: For global temperatures, NOAA (National Centers for Environmental Information, www, and for global sea level, Copernicus ( and EEA (European Environment Agency,

GlobalWarmingVisualization by Ann-Louise Bergström

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