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Coronavirus therapeutic strategies

The novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 / nCov-2019) still holds the World in its grip and the pandemic is far from over. In addition to strategies that try to contain or to eliminate the disease, it is also important to develop treatment options for severely diseased people.

The coronaviruses have an Achilles heel – it is the RdRP-enzyme (RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase), which is the first virus protein being made after infection of our cells. This enzyme is critically needed for the virus to replicate its RNA. By the use of so-called nucleotide / nucleoside analogues, this process can however be tricked. A compound like Remdesivir is – in the body – being converted into an analogue of the nucleotide adenosine. It inserts instead of andenosine in the emerging RNA-chain which leads to termination of the replication process shortly after.

The result is thus defective/unfunctional RNA, which in turn leads to inhibition of the virus replication process. Watch this animation to see it all visualized. Thanks to Frédéric Eghiaian, who kindly made the music for this animation.


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