Do you want to hear more – or do you have ideas, input or questions? Do not hesitate to contact me – either by e.-mail: or by phone (+45 51609532). I speak Danish, Swedish and English fluently.

I am also always willing to take a meeting and discuss your science without cost (if in Copenhagen-area) – and make some idea generation and sketch a suggestion for a story board. So feel free to give me a call or send me an e-mail, I would love to hear about your science. Read more about me here.

If it is not possible to meet (either due to geography or other reasons, like the corona-crisis), it is also possible to keep all communication regarding an animation via e-mail, phone and video-meetings. I have done that several times with customers from other parts of the World, and it works fine.

Ann-Louise Bergström, PhD in neuroscience, Scientific animator & illustrator.