In this section, I show some examples of cases/projects, I have made for customers. A significant part of the projects, I have made, are confidential and cannot be shown here. But the following projects are all made public.

Animation projects

Aarhus University animation about ground water pollution

A research group at Aarhus University in Denmark needed an animation about ground water pollution to put focus on new research results. In collaboration, we made this animated explainer, that first describes how ground water is extracted and treated in Denmark – and then, how it influences on the public health status.

I have made the 3D graphics animation – and Aarhus University has provided the music and speak (I have put it all together at last).

The project was also announced and the animation shown on the website of University of Illinois Chicago that participated in the collaboration.

I am currently working on a new animation about air pollution using the same setup, also for Aarhus University.

Animation about COVID-19 vaccines for article on

The researcher and genetic expert Lasse Folkersen has written an article about RNA for the research platform In conjunction with this article, Lasse and I have, in collaboration, made this film about how the COVID-19 vaccines (especially the RNA-based) work. Read Lasses article here.

Lundbeck animation about neuroscience

Lundbeck, the pharmaceutical company where I used to work as a scientist myself, needed an animation about the technology and analysis of EEG (electroencephalography) in rodents. This animation was for use at conferences, at internal meetings and as support for a research paper published by the group (find the animation separated in three parts in the supplementary materials for the paper). The animation was also shown as part of a talk at a conference held by the International Pharmaco-EEG Society.

The animation film is without music or speak, as it is ment to be shown as part of a presentation with ‘live’ speak.

AI Scope animation about malaria life cycle

The NGO AI Scope develops software that can be used ‘on the go’ to diagnose malaria. This can help developling countries with only limited access to laboratories with diagnosing malaria from a blood sample. I made this animation for AI Scope (they provided the music) without payment, as it first of all was a case I wanted to support – and second because I was in an early phase with Moving Science and needed experience.

Novozymes animation for educational film about enzymes

The Danish company Novozymes, that specializes in enzyme biology and technology needed some 3D animations for an educational film about enzymes. The 3D animations are all made with real 3D models of the relevant enzymes/proteins. My animations have then been put together with real images/video to make the total film. Thus, all the animated parts in this film is by me, whereas music, speak and ‘real’ film is by Novozymes.

The film is placed on Novozymes’ YouTube-channel.

Illustration projects

I offer different types of illustrations; 3D-renders, hand-drawn illustrations, vector graphics, GIF images and more. Below are three cases that exemplify all of the illustration types. I can make all image file types in exactly the resolution needed.

OLINK 3D illustration about technology

The biotech company OLINK (based in Uppsala, Sweden) needed an illustration to visualize their technology called ’PEA’ (Proximity Extension Assay). This was to put focus on a research paper in Nature Metabolism authored by Lasse Folkersen et al, that used this technology to study biological markers in plasma that could be associated with disease. I used 3D-technology for this purpose. The green object in the center is the real 3D-model of a plasma protein (albumine). The blue objects are proteins that are connected to strands of DNA, that bind to the albumine and thereby associate with each other and release a signal. I have put a cell membran in the background (the yellow bubbles in the lower rigth corner) and red blood cells to show that the scene takes place in the blood. I can make an image like this really fast (within a few days), if it is needed.

The illustration can also be found on the Karolinska Institute website.

Olink PEA illustration by Ann-Louise Bergström

Lundbeck foundation: Illustrations for "Neurotorium"

The Lundbeck foundation (for neuroscience) has an initiative called “Neurotorium” where they have a library of illustrations, slides and animations about neuroscience free to use. I have made several illustrations for that – for instance this illustration of the brain pathways involved in skizofrenia.

CMCDP Consulting: Vector graphics icons and GIF

The pharmaceutical consulting company CMC DP needed new illustrations for their website update. At first, the thinking was only one illustration. I made some suggestions and we ended up with making four icons (vector graphics made in Inkscape) to illustrate their different services. In addition (and without extra cost), I made a GIF of a rotating protein (EPO) as well. All can be seen on their website,

EPO GIF Moving Science