BLENDER 2.80 beta

WOW! I have just downloaded the Blender 2.80 beta. And I really like it! A lot has changed since the version 2.79, now I have to get used to left-clicking on the mouse for selection, just as I was getting to really like the rigth-clicking. But there are so many new nice features and I can’t wait to play more with it. My next project is to model many different brains from the animal kingdom (from worms up to humans) and try to animate the evolution of the brain throughout millions of years. I am rigth now doing some research on brains and I am amazed by the many fantastic facts about the morphology and the function of brains, that I was not aware of. For instance the elephant (has a very large cerebellum to be able to control its trunk), the dolphin (has a very large cerebrum), the echidna (has a surprisingly large prefrontal cortex), the hammerhead shark (has a rather large brain with a very funny shape) and the clever birds like ravens and parrots (very compact in neurons) have really interesting brains. And I could go on…

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