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AI generated images with Midjourney

I have recently been on a course in Infographics on the Danish School for Journalism (Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole) where I learned a lot about infographics, data visualization and animation. I also got to play a bit with AI-generated images. It was very interesting, but also sometimes created some funny or nonsens-like results. I often need to draw patient situations, for instance psychiatric patients with a psychiatrist. The image below is an example of what was generated from the text: “45-year old psychiatrist with patient, cartoon-style, isolated on white”.

I tried several times, with variation. The psychiatrist always turned out to be a man (unless I specifically stated that it should be a woman). And 45-year-old always gave grey hair. Here are more results, some better than other.

I also tried to make it draw a mitochondria in cartoon-style. The result was very pretty, but biologically, it was nonsens. There is still a need for human illustrators, I think.

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