About Moving Science

Moving Science offers scientific and technical animations and illustrations.

My name is Ann-Louise Bergström and I have founded Moving Science. I love science, art and nature. I try to find the sweet spot between art and science – in order to make scientific communication more inspiring. Especially, I love to visualize biological mechanisms, the clockwork of life.  I have a background in science & research; I used to work as a researcher in neuroscience/brain research for many years. The research fields, I have worked within are neurodegenerative diseases (primarily Parkinson’s disease and prion diseases) – and brain regulation of diurnal/circadian rhythms. I have also worked a lot with protein folding, antibodies, imaging, animal models and cell biology.

But I have also always loved to draw  and paint. I have specialized in making animations (and illustrations) for scientific and technical use. See examples in the animation gallery or in the image gallery. You can also read about my current projects and activities in news or check out my “showreel” from my first year here.

Being a curious mind, I love to learn new things. This could be new biological mechanisms (or your science) and new technical solutions for animation. I use cutting-edge technology and constantly try to improve my skills.

With my background as a scientist, I speak your language and can understand your science.

Moving Science offers scientific and technical animations that can help your users, customers, students or investors to better understand your science. For example, this can help you to explain complicated biological, medical or technical processes to a wider audience (customers, investors, students, patients, users) and thereby gain a broader understanding. I can help scientists, pharmaceutical, biotechnological and technical companies to communicate research in a more efficient way. Se who my customers are here.

Please don’t hesistate to contact me for a chat about your research and maybe how it could become alive. I am always willing to take a meeting and even make some idea generation and sketch out a story board for free. Find my contact information here.

Read this in Danish.

PS! If you are interested in my personal artworks (drawings and paintings), you can visit my artblog http://www.albergstrom.dk (it’s in danish only, however).

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