About Moving Science

I am Ann-Louise Bergström and I am the founder and owner of Moving Science.

I love science and have done that since I was a child – I am especially fascinated by the fantastic mechanisms, that drives life on Earth. But I have also always loved to draw & illustrate (read more about my personal art blog below). Science can be difficult to understand – there are many specific terms and concepts, that can be difficult to comprehend. I want to make it easier to understand science – in a fun and visual way. My mission is to use animations, visualizations, GIFs and illustrations to communicate science better.

Olink PEA illustration by Ann-Louise Bergström

I am educated as a human biologist (with PhD in neuroscience) and have worked as a researcher for many years. I have especially done research in the fields of neuroscience, cell biology and protein chemistry. As a researcher I have been used to communicate complicated stuff – for instance what happens in the brain, when you get jetlag. Or how you can become deadly sick when some proteins in your brain folds uncorrectly. Or why specific nerve cells in your brain die when you get Parkinson’s disease. To make people curious and to keep their attention, it is my experience that visual effects are very effective.

There is already – at least in biology and medicine – a long tradition for communicating by help of illustrations. I continue and expand this tradition. By combining illustrations with animations and visualizations it is possible to get your research brought to life – and thus reach more groups of people and increase their understanding. Animations and visualizations are also really good to use on social media and webpages.

Corona cartoon gif by Ann-Louise Bergström

I founded the company Moving Science in 2018 and here, I help researchers, teachers, biotech and pharma companies, organisations and more to communicate their science visually. See more about customers here.

If I was to help you with communicating your science, I would do all I could to understand the subject you want to communicate – as well as your needs and wishes. I would try to help you with extracting the essential out of the complex and transform it into understandable, visual communication.


Please feel free to contact me on mail (alb@movingscience.dk) or phone (+45 51609532) if you are curious and want to learn more. Or connect with me on LinkedIn. You are also very welcome to visit my YouTube-channel. Please also contact me if you want good advice on how to start to work with animations yourself. Below is a litte example of how it can look, when I model something in 3D.

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Personal art blog

In addition to this webpage/blog, I also have a more personal blog about my (mostly non-digital) art projects. It is in Danish, but feel free to visit: